2019 Crawfish Boil

Crawfish season is coming! Our biggest event of the year will be held once again at beautiful Montague Lake on Sunday, May 19 at 1:00 PM. We’ll have beignets and a raffle, jambalaya and of course crawfish flown up from Louisiana!


This is a DIY event for us, we aren’t using caterers so we put your ticket price more to the crawfish and venue. We’re looking for volunteers for the following (RSVP to lsutriangle@gmail.com):

  • Cooks – cooks eat free! Will need to be on site early to prep, chop, etc.
  • Cleanup crew – we need to haul some heavy trash at the end and leave the venue cleaner than we found it.
  • Boiling rigs – we need propane tank, 80 qt pot, burner. 
  • Ice chests – we need a few large chests for ice and beverages.


For those attending, this is the “early bird” special offer – $3 off the regular price. NOTE: We are working on a modernized, streamlined online ticket purchase setup but at the moment, the early bird offer is only available the old fashioned way via the attached flyer and form. Please review and feel free to reply with any questions. 

For reference here are the pricing options – subtract $3 if you send your form postmarked by April 15.

Order Type Check




Crawfish $30 / 35 $30.90 / 36.05
Non-Crawfish $20 / 25 $20.60 / 25.75
Child under 10 (small plate) No charge No charge